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Shipping & Returns


If you are purchasing a SERVICE, most likely you are purchasing:

1) a MAIL-IN service

2) a REMOTE repair service

If it is MAIL-IN, you need to send to:


Joe The Android Rooter

154 Pine Tree Lane

Tappan, N.Y. 10983



I highly recommend that you use USPS (not UPS, U.S. Postal Service)

and their SMALL FLAT RATE BOX is only around $5.xx to send and the box is free.

It offers good protection + tracking and a bit of insurance, which you can increase.

Just bring some old bubble wrap with you when going to the post office.



If you are purchasing a REMOTE service, your purchased service will include a LINK

that you would use to download to help with the REMOTE process.

If you have troubles finding the link or if it has expired for some reason, just contact us and we can provide the link after verifying your payment status.


Returns Policy--there really isn't one, "WHY?"

We fully test our repairs with a very redundant method.

Testing with T-Mobile, AT&T and then with a T-Mobile MVNO and AT&T MVNO.

It is passed through and checked by three individuals before it is marked as "passed" and packed.  Our business can only grow if we take the necessary time to test and make sure that you are happy.  More often than not, our testing procedure is actually longer than the repair.


*Metro PCS Customers, note that you must have your provider link the new IMEI with your account.  This can be done over the phone with their customer service or at their retail locations.  We do not know your account information to do this for you.  This is a manual step that you must do and only Metro PCS does this as far as we know.


In the event that "something is wrong", we are always available to handle the issue.

99% of the time is it because of "user error" and we can help explain anything.

For example: "my internet doesn't work", is 99% because of the user not setting their APN correctly or have not ticked the APN button.

It doesn't hurt to give a call and/or text.

We answer every call/text: 201-496-4319

IF there was a mistake in services rendered and/or something that we did wrong, WE WILL FIX the problem.