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HTC BAD IMEI Repair (S-OFF Remote Fix)



Your HTC phone must be S-OFF already.

What is S-OFF?  Too long and hard to explain, please Google it.


Basics to check if your phone is S-OFF or not:

1) Turn off the phone completely

2) Press and HOLD down VOLUME DOWN button + press POWER

3) A menu will pop up and on the first line it should show: S-ON or S-OFF

If you have S-OFF, then you can order this service.


If you are S-ON, you can Google and research on how to get your device to S-OFF

The basics to get S-OFF:

1) Bootloader unlock your device via HTC Dev or via Toolkits

2) Custom Recovery + ROOT your device

(alternatice possiblility = use Towel Root)

3) S-OFF your device with Rum Runner or Fire Water or Sunshine

(sorry, but this is the extent of the info that I help provide for S-OFF, much too long and complicated to try and tell you how and etc.)


*This service is to repair your BAD IMEI only if you have S-OFF, it is NOT a service to get your phone to S-OFF status.