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As a reminder, there are known issues for Apple iOS7 upgrade to iOS8 and iSO8 upgrade to iOS8.1 problem for sim unlocking. If you have been in the iPhone unlocking business, this has been known for MONTHS!

Kindly follow these steps to avoid your iPhone relocking.

1. If your iPhone is currently on IOS7, please upgrade your iPhone to IOS8 before ordering the unlock. This is the best option and should done this upgrade before you order the unlocking.

2. In case you already ordered the unlock while your iPhone is on iOS7: To avoid the relocking problem, you MUST activate the iPhone thru WIFI first with iOS7 (DO NOT Activate or upgrade to IOS8 thru iTunes). You Activate and upgrade to iOS8 thru WIFI and phone should be auto sim unlocked. Avoid upgrading to iOS8 or unlock thru iTunes.

Keep in mind, suppliers DO NOT refund if you don't follow above 2 procedure. All locked claim MUST be done within 5 days from date replied and you must pay for the GSX report. You cannot claim locked after 5 days if your GSX report show iOS version 8.0 or iOS version 8.1. This is a strict policy and there will be NO Exception. Thank you for your understanding.

OLDER Basic iPhone Sim Unlocking instructions at these two official APPLE links:

Please keep in mind, the above info about the UNLOCK bug and using the newer WIFI METHOD is best.

I HIGHLY recommend that you use the WIFI method, NOT iTunes anymore to avoid the potential bug in your phone.

Alternative methods are listed on my BLOG on the MAIN/HOME PAGE. <=----CLICK!

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